accidentally ended up listening to ed sheeran willingly :/ not sure how that works but here we are


nicku/lolly/ame is my ot3

today has been one of those days where you wake up in an ok mood then it decreases every hour or so like one of those y-negative graphs you’d plot in algebra


"Sexy, S’il Vous Plait!", Mademoiselle US, January 1990Photographer : Wayne MaserModel : Claudia Schiffer 


"Sexy, S’il Vous Plait!", Mademoiselle US, January 1990
Photographer : Wayne Maser
Model : Claudia Schiffer 

omg watching the video for uptown girl i havent seen this in YEARS and claudia schiffer is in it as if i needed any more reason to wish i was her even though westlife were at minus 100 on the cute boyband scale

i was listening to a playlist and this came on

that cover is the early 2000s in a single image

why are people so bitter and jealous


@staff please fix this in the next update!

the dream is nicky going on never mind the buzzcocks


it was probably a good thing that zayn malik never became an english teacher because the amount of people who would’ve failed his class due to being too busy staring at him probably would’ve single handedly ruined the education system 

Panda Baby (x)

my dad made a fancy powerpoint for a quiz he’s presenting when he goes away on a work course tomorrow and he made a round about ‘welsh celebrities’ and didnt use the manics as an answer i’m disowning him now